Just when it was going so well…(and the fight ahead)

Young Phil’s Kidney Story is one of the most compelling I’ve ever read!

our kid needs a kidney

Well, it had to happen. After a day of freedom, today we came crashing back to earth with a bump.

Blood in Phil’s wee. A fever of 40.4c.

And then the phone call. “It’s pseudomonas.”

Pseudomonas is a potentially life-threatening bug usually only contracted in hospitals. Phil is unfortunately no stranger to it. He picked it up last summer and developed peritonitis. As a result, he had to spend a nerve-wracking week connected to an IV drip pumping a ‘last resort’ antibiotic into him day and night.

It’s thought that the bug could be around the plastic stent that is connecting his bladder to his new kidney. The stent was due to be removed in about a month, once the doctors were sure the two were properly linked. Now it will have to come out as soon as possible, probably first thing in the morning.

So Phil has today been…

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