To find a suitable donor for Byron Lipscomb or someone who will participate in the Kidney Swap program.


This page was set up to support the efforts to find a donor for Byron Lipscomb, who is in need of a kidney transplant. Byron, whose condition has been hampered by the severing of his arteries during a procedure has been placed on the National Kidney Swap list. The Kidney Swap program allows transplant patients an increased opportunity to receive a donor kidney because one does not have to be a perfect match. A donor can donate their kidney on the behalf of the recipient and thus the recipient will receive a kidney from the national database.

Byron update: Byron & his son are following doctors orders as they get closer to the transplant date. He’s told me that he has his good and bad days but he is feeling much better as they go through several transplant classes in preparation for the surgery. It is projected that the transplant should take place before the summer. In the meantime, there is something that we can do for Byron & every kidney patient in America & that is to take care of our own bodies. Kidney failure is on the rise & dialysis centers are packed to capacity. Attached is a recipe on how we can occasionally cleanse our kidneys for $1 or less, so that the build up of sodium is not left in the kidneys as a residue to create harm. Don’t assume that because you’re feeling good today that your body doesn’t need some fine tuning. If you get your car’s oil changed every 3,000 miles, then we shouldn’t feel burdened to take care of our body as well. To your wellness.



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