Ishamon Harris III is on a quest to find a living kidney donor.

Marine, husband, and father, Ishamon Harris III, has long been in need of a kidney transplant due to a blood disease which was triggered by a spider bite while serving our country in the United States Marine Corp. For the better part of his adult life, Ishamon has been on dialysis to keep him alive. Ian or Ish (as his friends and family call him) is a genuinely happy person with a huge personality… go along with his corresponding physical stature. A new kidney for him would also be a new lease on life for both him and his family. Having to be restricted in nearly every facet of his life has been both Harrowing and frustrating for him and everyone involved. It is not his wish to beguile anyone from emotion nor finances. He is simply trying to do what anyone else on this planet would do, the endowed instinct to stay alive and raise a family. It is also his mission to emote the experience and the challenges of day to day life for someone put in his position of conflict. That purpose is for those who are in similar situations as him, and to show the humanity and gravity of this forced way of life. If you are reading this it means you care for this man. Please help in any way that you see appropriate. Thank you very much.
     – Douglas Kirk
This is a statement from Ishamon’s mother:
“Ishamon Ian Harris III is my son. Ian was born 30 years ago. He is married to a great gal Amy, and has two miracle kids, ages 9 and 3. Ian joined the United States Marine Corp in his senior year of high school, early 2001. During his service he got very ill due to a spider bite. His body swelled up to the point of not being able to recognize him. It’s heart breaking to see pictures of your son where he is deployed and not being with him.  There is no cure for this deadly disease. Dialysis keeps a person alive and he goes to treatment 4 times a week for 4.5 hours each time. Traveling is virtually impossible, so holidays and special events are often missed. My greatest wish of my life is to see Ian with a new kidney. Ian would be able to continue mentoring kids in sports and art. I want Ian to have a full wonderful life and see his kids graduate school as young men.”
     – Barb Harris

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