young man in search of a living donor
my name is christopher blackwell, i am from Canton, Ohio, i started this page because i am search of a living donor for my kidney transplant, i was diagnosed with focal scelrosis glomorsis) renal failiure at the age of 17, started dialysis march 7th 2011, the journey of my sickness has been one of pain and hurt and loss of many hopes and energy, i am now listed at cicinnatti childrens hospital, i …dialysize at Akron Childrens Hospital, my blood type is 0+, i do dialysis 3 days a week, and i run 4 hours, with an av fistula, i am on a 1500 fluid restriction, and strict renal diet, dialysis is very hard on my body and bones and was inflicted on me in the middle of my senior year so, i am not in college or anything, i enjoy guitar singing and have great faith in Christ! here are the people to reach about being my donor: Julie Ross or Debbie Schoborg, numbers are: 1-513-636-4531 or 1-(800)-344-2462! you can also reach me by my cell at: 3306148267, for more questions! and here is the number to my transplant nurse Providence: 330-543-4174 and my social worker Paul Zarembka: 330-543-8469 and my nephrologist doctor Larry Patterson.

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