Leona Michelle Hicks is a 55 year old devoted wife, she was diagnosed with end stage kidney disease in 2007 due to hereditary and started dialysis in February 2009.  She needs a kidney from someone with blood type O+. Her transplant  center is in NJ.
July by Susan Yost who was inspired by Leona’s story and donated her kidney to Leona. I though it was a message from God that lead me to the story, to help my God-sister who has been on the waiting list for nearly 5 years. Her brother was unable to donate a kidney due to health issues and we were elated to find out her nephew was a match but after further testing he was found to have a medical co…ndition that made it impossible for him to donate a kidney to his Aunt. The family calls her Michelle.  In 1994 she was hospitalized for pancreatic issues and nearly lost her life. When I went to see her in the hospital, the nurses kept calling her Leona and with all the ventilators and tubes that were hooked up to her and with family and friends praying round the clock for her recovery, she was trying to say something to me.  I finally understood she was trying to utter her name, Michelle – I let all the nurses & doctors know to call her Michelle and not Leona. I think our connection helped me understand what she wanted. She had suffered so much loss in a short period of time with the loss of her mother to cancer on Good Friday, April 4, 1980 when Michelle was only 23. She lost her older sister Brenda, who was 10 years  her senior to Hodgekins disease.  Brenda  knew she had the disease since the age of 17 but decided to live her life to the fullest and was blessed with three children and against all odds lived till she was 36. She passed away November 21, 1983. Two months later Michelle lost her father to a stroke on January 21, 1984. Through all the losses and sufferings she survived the depression that ensured  and dedicated her life to her family. Michelle had a great job that she loved, working as dispatcher and office manager of a trucking company. She is married to the love of her life, Woody, a devoted husband and veteran. They unfortunately were never able to have children of their own. She is the  godmother to my daughter and godmother to her deceased cousin, Stanley’s son. Her wish was to travel to her godson, Terry’s wedding in Mexico, May 18th but due to the regimen of dialysis three times a week will be  unable to do so.   Michelle also assisted with the care of her Elder  Uncle Sammy who also had kidney issues untill he passed. He  was a retired major in the U.S. Army and lived a good life and was saddened when he learned his youngest niece had to go through dialysis as he had done for four years until his death in 2010. I pray that there is someone out there who has a Type O+ blood that would help her live her life to the fullest as she deserves happiness and the ability to live a normal life again. Thank you for your help in Fighting for our Leona – Our Michelle




  1. StillValerie

    Thank you for following my blog. I’ve looked around your blog and love the work you are doing here to help people find the kidneys they need for a better quality of life. Keep up the good work!



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