If you’re blood O+/O-, you could donate a kidney to save Kim. Lupus n. was found in 2000. Chemo then transplant in 2001. She’s been on dialysis 4yrs, transplant list 3yrs. Like & share our site! Coord: Jennifer Hamilton 713-441-5486
Lupus nephritis is kidney inflammation caused by lupus. The body’s immune system attacks the body’s own cells and organs. It can lead to significant illness and even death. ________________
For anyone who knows Kim Buco you know she’s the sweetest, most hardworking, accepting, loving, funny, energetic person you’ll ever meet.
… If she didn’t tell you she was sick you would never know. She has never used her illness as an excuse & continues to push along every day.
A person like this shouldn’t have to.
Kim is in need of a kidney. Currently she undergoes dialysis 3 days a week for several hours. She was diagnosed with lupus nephritis in 2000. After enduring chemo for 6 months, she was blessed with a transplant in 2001. Unfortunately, it failed 7 years later. Aside from being on the waiting list at Methodist Hospital & UTMB Galveston, she has been searching for a kidney by word of mouth & hospital match & swap programs ever since. She has even had friends & family members tested near & far. Due to this disease affecting 2 of her deceased aunts, family members are not able to donate. Another blessing came this year when Kim received a phone call stating that there was a donor. Partly due to high antibody levels from the previous transplant it did not work out this time around. We are one step closer though! Kim remains hopeful & continues to pray reverently.
I am making this page on her behalf in hopes that more of her friends & kind strangers find it in their hearts to get tested to see if they can help Kim live a normal life again. Prayers are always appreciated as well.
For more info, contact (Transplant Coordinator @ Methodist Hosp): Jennifer Hamilton 713-441-5486
This holiday season try to give a gift that truly matters. I know Kim & her family would be forever grateful. After recent events I’ve realized that life is too short. Some lives can be saved with our help.
Thank you for your time. Please like & share this page in efforts of a kidney match for our dear friend Kim Buco. ________________
“Organ donation is perhaps the greatest gift one human could offer another. Literally giving a piece of yourself in order to save another person’s life and prolong your time with that person… it is remarkable.”
— Dr. Osama Gaber, Director of Transplantation

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