Our good friend, Mabel, is in need of a life-saving kidney transplant.  We are committed to helping Mabel connect with her “Kidney Hero,” so she can live a healthy, longer-lasting life with her loving family and friends.  Please join us in our efforts!
Mabel was diagnosed with Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) severeal years ago and has been on dialysis for four years.  Hemodialysis helps to sustain Mabel’s life by filtering waste from her blood, which is a very grueling process that she endures three times a week. 
A living kidney donor will offer Mabel a healthier and longer lifespan.   As of yet, a compatible donor has not been identified; however, we continue to remain hopeful that a match will soon be found.  Mabel is O+ blood type, however, if a willing donors blood type is incompatible–there is a paired exchange program that makes a transplant possible.
If you’d like to inquire about becoming a potential donor, please contact Mabel’s transplant coordinator by calling (650) 725-9891 at the Stanford Kidney Transplant Center.  Please inform her transplant coordinator that you are calling to learn more about being a possible kidney donor for Mabel Munoz. 
If you’re unable to “share your spare,” please “Like” our page to help us in our efforts to get the word out there.
Your kind and generous consideration is very much appreciated, thank you!

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