Alvin is a devoted son, brother, uncle, counselor, and patriarch of the Salima home. As a husband, Alvin is unparalleled, according to his wife, Candace. They have been married for nearly 18 years, and hope to have another 20 at minimum. Unfortunately, Alvin has end stage renal failure (kidney failure) and requires a kidney transplant. He is on three separate lists right now and is anticipated to be at the top of the list somewhere in the next one to six months. Alvin still works fulltime, so he is fully insured. However, there are the expected expenses of the surgery, take home medications, and aftercare.

Alvin is the favorite uncle of his nephews and nieces. He is an active uncle and relishes the time spent with each of them. Family is everything to Alvin, and even with his health challenges he does his best to spend what time he can with those he loves.

Alvin’s work experience with at-risk youth spans over 27 years. He has served in many capacities as a supervisor, program manager, facilitator and trainer, but by far his most rewarding work is direct contact with young people as a mentor and counselor. Occasionally, Alvin receives calls and letters from men and women he was able to reach and effect positive change when they were considered troubled youth. Alvin continues his direct work with young people as a treatment counselor for the Juvenile Justice Services Department in the State of Utah.


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