Anyone interested in being considered as a donor for Katelynn Ernst’s kidney transplant should contact Vicky Reilly at Penn State Hershey; 717-531-6092 or Donors can be between age 18-70 with no known health issues.

To spread the word about Hemolytic Uremic Syndrome (E-Coli) and to promote organ donation.

Company Overview
Katelynn was almost 2 years old when she got sick.  After being seen by her pediatrician he informed us that she just had the flu.  The following day after checking on her my wife found her having seizures.  She was taken to an area hospital where they thought she had meningitis.  After sedating her she was medevac’d to Penn State Hershey Children’s Hospital.  We had no idea what was going on and …we were not able to see her.  After Katelynn was there for 5 hours the doctor came to speak with us.  She informed us Katelynn was indeed in kidney failure.  Katelynn had been placed on the ventilator her body was being attacked by hemolytic-uremic syndrome (HUS).  Katelynn had somehow contracted the E-Coli virus and would need to undergo dialysis.  She needed 3 blood transfusions and had dialysis 10 hours each day.  After coming home on dialysis on her 2nd birthday her nephrologist informed us some of her kidney function had returned.  Thankfully she got back 30% of her kidney function and did not need dialysis.
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General Information

Katelynn suffers from end stage kidney failure.  She is currently on 10 mediciations daily some of which she take 3 times a day.  She has high blood pressure and takes 2 blood pressure medicines to regulate her blood pressure. She has a vitamin d deficiency and also has high cholesterol.



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