If You Would Like to Get Tested to See if You Can Donate your Kidney

Thank you!


First step: Obtain your blood type from your doctor.


Then: Please contact the Ottawa Hospital ….Brenda at 613-738-8400 extension 81744, or if you’re calling long distance, call toll free at 1-866-428-2241, option 3, then option 8. 


You can also email to 


Once you receive and read the package, you need to contact Mary Rada again to confirm that you wish to proceed with the donation process.


If you are not a blood-type match for Craig but would still like to donate a kidney, there is a way do so and get Craig a kidney through participating in the Living Donor Paired Exchange (LDPE) registry. Mary Rada (613-738-8400 ext. 82778, is the contact for LDPE.


Paired exchange, at its simplest, is a program that registers incompatible pairs into a database with other incompatible donor/recipient pairs to hopefully create an opportunity for two recipients to receive kidneys from each other’s living donor. Read more here:


Thank you again!

Craig Dunbar

By: Andrew Dunbar


 Craig Dunbar was born on June 28, 1972 in Ottawa, Ontario but nobody could ever imagine what he would have to go through during his life. Craig was the third child born in his family and the youngest. He grew up in a big house in Carp where he loved to go swimming and play sports. He was a very athletic smart kid. When he was young he played hockey and won many trophies and awards.

 Craig attended St. Michaels School while he lived in Carp. After high school, he went to a police/firefighter college. Craig was a garbage truck driver until he graduated college and became a firefighter. Craig saved many lives as a firefighter and was on T.V and in newspapers all across Ottawa.


 Craig married Heather Andrew in 2006 at the Canadian Golf Course. Craig doesn’t have any kids yet but he has three dogs Petey, Phinny and Abby. In May 2007, Craig’s kidneys failed and now he is waiting for a kidney transplant. He also now works for the Kidney Foundation of Canada because he can no longer be a firefighter due to his kidneys. He has showed people with and without kidney failure that you can still play sports and be physically fit with kidney failure. He is an inspiration to everyone who meets him or hears him speak. On October 17th 2012 he was on CTV morning live talking about the Kidney Foundation and how you can help.


 Craig has raised over $60,000 for the Kidney Foundation by doing fundraisers and receiving donations. Examples of this are he does yearly runs, walks, dances, car washes, and BBQ’s. Since he works for the Kidney Foundation he also helps plan many fundraisers and events for the Kidney Foundation. Craig

has also accomplished many goals he set about raising money and awareness for the Kidney Foundation.     

 Craig Dunbar has inspired many people to help the Kidney Foundation. Craig is hoping to get a kidney transplant in the next few years. Craig’s family has supported him and does the best they can to help whenever they can. As a result Craig is an energetic, athletic person that will never give up no matter what.

Our son/husband/brother/uncle/ cousin/nephew/fellow fire fighter/coworker and beloved friend, Craig Dunbar, is in need o…f a kidney… badly… the purpose of this page is to get the information out there and to find a kidney for Craig!!  His kidneys failed in 2007. He currently does home hemo dialysis six days a week which keeps him alive. Craig’s current dialysis access is failing and he is quickly running out of access options. The only option for him now is a living kidney transplant, and soon!  Please get tested and see if you can change his life!! 
Check out the Files section for information on how to become a donor, to learn about Craig and his journey, living kidney donation and other items we thought you may find interesting…
you can also follow us on twitter! #kidney4craig, @kidney4craig
and visit us at
You only need one kidney to have a happy healthy life!!

Craig Dunbar

Hello All,


I feel odd writing this, knowing that I am sending it out to be seen by 4000 people who have joined this group to support me and my family in our effort. 




I can’t properly put into words what that number means to me. Until 6 days ago, I bore this burden alone, shielding my family and friends from the worst of my condition. I’ve become used to hiding details of my condition, unless it’s to raise awareness of the disease and advocate for others. I know that many dialysis patients are very sick, and I’ve been very lucky so far in that I’ve been able to do my own treatments at home, and by receiving more dialysis have been healthier. 


When I reached out, I never dreamed that things would take off like this. To go from bearing this alone, to having 4000 new friends, to being the top story on the news, having Strombo and others tweet in support of the campaign… I’m stunned. I sat here in front of an empty page for quite a while trying to find words to express how I feel right now… Anything I try to write just seems to fall short. 


I’ve completely lost track of the messages I’ve been getting, and for that I apologize. Each and every comment I’ve received is greatly appreciated. I just haven’t been able to respond to all of them, and at times have been so overwhelmed I’ve been completely speechless and unable to respond. 


I’d like to thank everyone very deeply for the outpouring of support. Even though this has been a very bad week for my dialysis, I feel stronger than I have in a long time. That light at the end of the tunnel is getting brighter every day.




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