Carla needs a Kidney so we set up this page to spread the message. She is A Positive. Can you help?

Carla is one of those types of individuals who gives back.  Earlier in her life she provided a safe place for delinquent girls to re-establish a positive life path.  She is a retired teach and social worker. She’s Mom to five dogs – two are rescues – and two cats.  She’s an avid gardener, bridge player and loves nature.  Her home in Lake Cowichan, BC is a wonderful mixture of art and fun and her grounds are peaceful and respectful of the surroundings.

Carla is 69 years old and she needs a new kidney.  She’ll be on dialysis by the end of the year without a live donor.  Carla is a canine lover and walking encyclopedia on training, health & nutrition for dogs.  Check out the BC Transplant Facebook page for excellent info on what it takes and the ramifications of donating a live kidney.
Here are some important numbers and websites:  BC Transplant website: or Living Donor Direct Contact Number 1-604 806 9027.  The website is a wealth of information.

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