Starting the process again.  Needing to find someone to donate a Kidney for Steve.  Has 2 kids and a wife that need him very much.  Anyone interested contact MVH @ 937-208-8000 and talk to Ann Taylor. Or OSU medical center is 614-293-6724.
I’m in need for a special person to give the gift of life to my family and I.  I’m 36 years old with a wife and two kids.  I received the gift of life (Kidney transplant) in June 2012.  Recently I had a biopsy and it showed a new disease called FSGS.  Since then my creatinine level jumped from 2 to 8.4.  And I’m starting this process again. It is hard for me to find the right match because I also received a kidney back in 2004 from my mother that rejected 3 years later.  So I now have a high level of antibodies that make it very hard to find the right match.  My blood type is A- so A and O will work.  If interested in donation please contact MVH @ 937-208-8000 and talk to transplant, or contact OSU medical center @ 614-293-6724.  The transplant centers will walk you through the testing process.  U might be our hero.

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