Jack Certain needs a new kidney from a donor with blood type O. If you or someone you know can help, please contact us via this page or call the University of Minnesota Transplant Office, 612.625.5115.
Jack can blame his twin brother Sam for their early entry into the world on Sept 14, 2005. Sam’s water broke 8 1/2 weeks early and the boys made an abrupt but safe journey into the world.  Jack, weighing in at 4 lbs, needed immediate surgery to treat posterior urethal valves (PUV).  As a result of PUV, both kidneys were damaged and Jack began making plans to receive his mamas kidney.
Jack made i…t 2 ½ years before receiving his first transplant at the U of MN on May 2nd, 2008.    The first year post transplant yielded some of the most grace-filled moments and some of the most frightening moments. We packed our bags and headed back to the hospital many times to treat mini rejection episodes and high fevers. Ultimately, Jack assimilated his new kidney and by the time we celebrated his one year kidney anniversary his parents decided to now expand their family. Lucy arrived easefully and on time.   Whew!
4 years passed before Jack’s kidney health began to deteriorate again.  In Dec of 2011, another trip the hospital and biopsy later revealed he had Glomerulopathy (a condition where the filters of the kidney are ‘gummed’ up and acting like an aged kidney).  Jack was moved to stage 5 renal failure and began making plans to now receive his dads kidney. Dad was approved as a donor in 2008 but they chose Mom’s kidney because it was smaller and a better ‘fit’ for Jack. Upon reconfirming that dad was still a match last month, we learned that Jack has developed significant antibody against Dad’s tissue no longer making them a “match”.
Jack will have a feeding tube and his dialysis catheters placed the first week of 2013.    Dialysis will follow right away and continue until he finds his kidney. Due to the high level of antibody that Jack has, he will be a hard match to find.  Jack also has proteinuria (protein leaking in his urine) which may require that Jack’s current kidney be removed prior to finding his next one.
As Jack’s mama, I have never asked “why him?” or “why us?”.  I am very clear that Jack chose our family and that we have the capacity to navigate him and our family through this. However, we need help. We need a willing donor that has a blood type 0 to take this next step forward.  

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