Please care by hitting Share to show this on your timeline. Once vibrant and strong his family and friends have seen him fight through ESRD. Please help us beat the odds. Jason is  O+  we can donate  B+.

This page is for Jason Andy Timbes my wonderful husband, caring friend and awesome father to four precious children. Jason was diagnosed with kidney failure in 2011 at the age of 42.
Once vibrant and strong his family and friends have seen him fight through the Ending Stages of Renal failure (ESRD). He now waits for a living donor or paired donation.
… The survival rate of the person with Jason’s level of ESRD is about 5 years , dialysis adds 4 years a living kidney donor would add 25 years or more.
Jason is a wonderful giving person. Last year he headed a fundraiser that gave one of his coworkers , whose wife had been fighting end stage cancer.  a paid vacation to visit their family for Christmas. That was their last Christmas together, she passed away shortly there after.
Jason is an altruistic person himself, he has helped many people during his life.  He has so much more to give, share and live.
Please help him be able to see his children graduate high school and college, walk his daughter down the aisle,  hold his grandchildren,  pass on the giving heart he has.
Please ” Care to Share” for Jason / please share this FB page with as many people as you can
Jason is an O+ and while O can give to anyone they must only receive from an O donor. At this time no family members are a match for Jason
Jason has his initial registration at Vanderbilt University Hospital Transplant Center in Tennessee phone number 615- 936 -0695.
If you would like to contact and donate just mention it would be for Jason A. Timbes , birth date  06/22/1969.
  Even if you are not a match your donation can start a chain of life for several lives!
Vanderbilt has a paired donation program . If you have a loved one or know someone in need of a kidney with a non-matching donor then we have a B+ kidney to give.
Thank you for your support!

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