You can be tested!!  All you have to do is make a phone call to the transplant center and tell them you want to be tested for me.  Blood types A and O are what I’m compatible with, but if you don’t know don’t worry.  They will find that out for you.
Jennifer is a 36 year old wife and a mother of three girls.  Her girls are ages 15, 12 and 8.  She was first diagnosed with kidney disease in May of 2010.  She began having excrutiating pains in her side, back and stomach.  Ending up in the emergency room a few days later they found that she had an extreme kidney infection and they found an abcess on one of her kidneys.  She was admitted into the …hospital for an 8 day stay and a biopsy was done on the abcessed kidney.  The result was Glomerulanephritis and the doctors said she would eventually need a transplant but she would be 80 years old by that time.
In August of 2011 she made another trip to the ER with horrible stomach pains, this trip indicated she had pancreatitis and her gall bladder needed to be removed.  Thus another 8 day stay at the hospital.  Her kidney function was not bouncing back this time and she was now in Stage 5 Chronic Renal Failure.
Getting sicker and sicker her only option now was dialysis.  She went in to have a PD catheter placed in her stomach on January 5th, 2012…her birthday.  After a few weeks of healing she began dialysis treatments.  About two weeks of treatments and again she ended up in the ER from pain and trouble breathing, they found nothing.  A few more days went by and the pain got worse.  She went to her doctor and they did an xray and found her chest cavity filled with dialysis fluid.  The fluid was literally crushing her lungs making it impossible for her to breathe.  The doctor sent her directly to the ER again, this time to be admitted.  Several more tests were done and the result was that 2/3 of her chest cavity was filled with fluid.  She then had to have a procedure called thoracentesis done to remove the fluid.
The doctors then informed her that due to the leak or possible tear in her periodeum, she may not be able to do dialysis throught the PD catheter any longer.  The next option is a fistula.  On February 14th, 2012 she underwent another surgery for the fistula in her left arm.  This will take 10 weeks to heal and there is a possibility that it will not work.
Meanwhile, in April of 2012, Jennifer had surgery for the placement of a perma cath which is located in her neck.  This is the most dangerous of all the accesses because the catheter goes directly into the heart and is very prone to infection.
The fistula done on Valentines Day never matured and is not usable.  She had another surgery in Jan 2013 for another fistula, this time in her right arm.  In March, the surgeon suggested that this fistula may not be usable either without further surgery.  The dialysis clinic, against dr’s orders, used the fistula.  On the third time of use, they infiltrated her arm.  She was unable to move her arm and was in severe pain for almost two weeks.  As of April 2, 2013 the fistula remains unusable and the surgeon wants to perform a revision on the fistula.
This family needs your help.  Prayers are definately appreciated and welcomed.  The estimated out of pocket cost for the transplant itself is around $50,000.  After the transplant the anti-rejection medication can cost up to $23,000 per year….for the rest of her life.  This doesn’t include all the doctor visits, ER visits, hospital stays and current medication costs. 
To be tested, please call: LeAnne Whitehead 404-605-4605 Piedmont Atlanta Transplant Center Donor CoordinatorSee More

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