This page was created to help find two willing Live Kidney donors for Kidney Transplant of mother & daughter suffering with Kidney Failure
My daughter and I suffer from an inherited kidney disease called Focal Segmental Glomeruloscierosis or FSGS. FSGS is when the kidneys are scarred and do not filter out toxins through the urine. When this happens, dialysis is required to sustain life. Although dialysis is sustaining our life now, it also causes other health issues… like heart disease. To lead a more normal & healthier life a kidn…ey transplant is needed for the both of us. We ask that you learn more about the donation process and consider donating to us. Thank You! To learn more about Kidney Transplantation Please visit:  click on services at the very top of page, click on Multi organ transplants in drop down menu, under programs choose kidney & kidney/pancreas transplants.
Our blood type is O+, which means we are able to receive a kidney from someone who has a blood type of O+ or O-.
For testing to see if you are a good candidate for possible donation please contact: Kidney Transplant Coordinator- Yolanda @ (504) 842-3925

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