I was diagnosed with chronic renal failure 12 & 1/2 yrs ago and remained stable up until the past 2 & 1/2yrs (April 22, 2011) which began my journey on dialysis. My blood type is A+.
I’m currently on the transplant wait list at Piedmont Hospital in Atlanta Georgia patiently waiting for “the call” that a kidney is available. I’ve had over 50 plus surgeries/diagnostic procedures since April 22, 2011 due to complications of which arose from ESRD with two more surgeries to be scheduled within the next two to four weeks.  My husband of almost three years as well as my family and …friends are very supportive but unfortunately none are healthy enough to be considered as a possible donor. My goal is to find a living donor vs a cadaver donor as you know my body would be less likely to reject a live kidney not to mention they function longer and I wouldn’t have to wait an additional 5 to 8 yrs on the transplant list. I do feel my body getting weaker each year that passes with all of the dialysis and surgeries so I’m searching for that “angel” who would love to give me “the gift of life” a kidney.  I am in need of a donor with blood type A or O due to I’m A positive.
I’m listed at Piedmont Hospital in Atlanta ! Potential donors call 404 605-4605 and speak with a Living Donor Coordinator.

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