*Searching for a living donor *My blood type is O+ *Transplant Center is University of Chicago(UIC)
Hi everyone, my name is Sonia and I am 57 years old and i am currently seeking for a Kidney Donor. I am a married women to a great husband for 40 years and we have 4 beautiful children. I am a grandmother of 11 granchildren that i adore with all my heart. I was diagnosed with Renal Failure a couple of years ago and since July of 2012 I have been on dialysis and need a transplant. Dialysis has bee…n hard at times but i try to make the best of it because i want to live a long life for my family. I am sadden that such a thing had to happen to me but im fortunate to still be here. I am just now looking for a Living Kidney Donor because this is the best way for me to go while i continue to do all my testing so that i can be placed on the waiting list for a deceased donor which we all know might be years from now. If there is anyone out there that is willing to donate a Kidney to myself it would be greatly appreciated just for the fact that the good Lord has given you a great heart to donate to someone in need. I hope and pray that soon i can find a donor because im working very hard to live a long beautiful life.
A couple of things about the transplant that a donor would like to know: *My Transplant Center is at the University of Chicago (UIC) *I am O+ *Donor can not have diabetes or high blood pressure. *Any donor would have to contact the coordinator at the UIC and will have to undergo blood work in order to be a match with myself. * also all Surgery is paid for by my insurance, so donor does not have to pay ANYTHING… *****If anyone would like to donate a kidney out of the kindness of there heart or knows of anyone who would like to donate, please feel free to contact my UIC Transplant Coordinator- Her name is Xenia @ 1-312-413-9489   or email my daughter Cindy at and she will provide you with all the info you will need*****
Thank You and i hope to find a donor soon….GOD BLESS EVERYONE…

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