I need a type O (+ or -) kidney! Contact Living Donor Coordinator Stephen Knapik (Stony Brook Hospital) at (631) 444-6944 if you are interested in being tested as a potential donor. More info available below in the “About” section!

Find Kevin a type O kidney! Both of his aren’t doing too hot because of Alports Syndrome.


Last summer my kidneys started to fail and I almost died but I’m Irish & lucky so I survived! I’ve been on dialysis for 7+ months and it is the opposite of fun! Help a handsome lad out by spreading the word about my need for one fully-functioning type O kidney.  The donor must be in good health and preferably under the age of 50. I just need one and most people have two, so stop being so selfish! haha As most of you know I am an only child, so I have no siblings to donate and both my parents are unable to help due to medical reasons. If you can’t personally help, please spread the word to your friends and family! Help a fella out!

General Information

Donor info here:
IF YOU ARE NOT TYPE O YOU CAN STILL HELP!!! If your kidney is healthy, it can be donated via a paired exchange!
If you would like more information on donating, talk with Stephen Knapik, the Living Donor Coordinator at SBUH,  at (631) 444 6944 and ask for Mr. Knapik.  Or you may contact Mr. Knapik by email at:



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