Ava is in need of an Adult Kidney Donor who is either blood type A or O. A donor must be between the ages of 18-50 and in overall good health. 
If interested in being a Kidney Donor, please send messages here or to

Ava was born with Autosomal Recessive Polycystic Kidney Disease, ARPKD for short. It is a rare genetic kidney disease that affects about 1 in 20,000 infants/children. 
Ava lived in two different hospitals for roughly her first 11 months. During these months she underwent a Left Nephrectomy (left kidney removal) at 5 months of age. She has had multiple tubes, wires and machines hooked up to her and in her all providing life saving services. She has been feeding tube fed for most of her young life, now relies on a Gastric Feeding tube that is inserted into her stomach from the outside in.
Ava’s kidney is now failing even more and she is quickly approaching dialysis and transplant time.
Through all of this struggle and turmoil Ava remains a very happy, loving and busy little girl. She is her Mommy’s little miracle and Hero.

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