Jerry Wellin (my father) is a living breathing walking miracle! If you would like to help him and our family PLEASE FEEL FREE to contact me on here.
Hello my father’s name is Jerry Wellin. He is 45 years old. I’m his oldest daughter Jara Wellin and I’ve made this page for my father because he is having a hard time with dealing with all of his sicknesses. I’m not only reaching out for help for him and to show my father there are people out there just like him and in similar situations. Also to show him that people do care support and want to help him get threw this and everything else. I’m also made this for myself to have support with dealing with my fathers sickness and knowing that I’m not alone. My father also has another daughter named Shaye Wellin. And this page is also to help her in letting her know that there are people all over who dose care and want to help our daddy. Jerry is in deepest need of a kidney transplant. He has already have had to have 1 kidney removed from his body and the other 1 is still there but completely nonfunctional and dead.  Jerry has been on kidney dialysis for 6 years now. His health is heading down hill fast. Lately its been one thing or another that’s started going wrong with his body.  Jerry is needing a donor with the blood type of either B or O. Please help my father in any way that you are able to. Even if its just posting that you care about him, that your hear to support him and his family, and that he is not alone in his situation and sicknesses. All your help and support is greatly apprecated from our whole family and my father. If you would like to know anymore information about my father and his situation PLEASE FEEL FREE to contact me on here by messaging me and or posting on the wall and I will get back to you as soon as I able to. Once again Jerry and My Whole Family would like to thank you for all your help, support, and showing all of us that you care about us, we are not alone, and there is also other people in similar situations that can help us out even though that you may not know us. It honestly helps a lot! Sincerely, JaraLynne, Jerry, Shaye, Dalasa, and the rest of our family                      God Bless

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