Scott was diagnosed with kidney failure and began dialysis in June 2012.  He needs a donor with blood type O.  His transplant center is Legacy Good Samaritan in Portland, OR.  Please contact Margaret Marksthaler at 503-413-7349 or e-mail
Greetings!  Welcome to my A Kidney for Scott Facebook page.  I’m writing this from my dialysis chair in Vancouver, WA.  I’m 44 years old.  As noted in my page description, I was diagnosed with kidney failure in June, 2012 due to the disease of IgA Nephropathy, which is a build-up of protein in the kidneys.  I began dialysis immediately in the hospital and continued hemodialysis at Vancouver DaVita… once I came home.  My blood type is O, so I need a donor with a similar type.    I was married in 2001 to my lovely wife Debra and helped raise my now-adult stepsons Ian and Preston.  I’ve continued to maintain my full-time employment as a grocery clerk at Fred Meyer in Vancouver, a position I’ve held since 1986.    Since a kidney transplant with a live donor has a considerably-better outcome than a transplant conducted with a cadaver kidney, it’s my hope that someone will donate a kidney so I can resume a normal existence and end my need for dialysis treatments.  Thanks for visiting my page, and have a terrific day.

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