I have IgA which runs in my family am in need of a kidney. Please check out my story by clicking on About.
Hi my name is Bob Evans, no not the restaurateur, but a husband to Suzi, father of three, Trevor 42, Matt 40 and Kristen 36, grandfather to 10 adorable grandchildren ages 18 down to 3, and father-in-law to Jessica, Sara and Tim. My wife and I have been married for almost 43 years and she is my strongest supporter and the love of my life. I’ve lived in Needmore, Indiana all my life. I am 64 years o…ld and soon will be going on dialysis. My kidneys are failing due to a disease which runs in my family, IgA so no one in my family can donate; therefore I have to rely on someone outside the family. I’ve owned my own body repair business for 50 years and I have plans to continue to work for many years to come. I’m a graduate of Needmore High School and went into the army after graduation. I am a US Army Veteran and served for six years in the Indiana National Guard. For several years now I have been a member of the Bedford Noon Lions where I’ve served as Tail Twister and Second Vice President. I am a 32nd Degree Mason and a member of the Masonic Lodge # 14 F&AM in Bedford, Indiana. I am member of two local churches, First Baptist of Bedford and Community Baptist Fellowship. As a school bus driver for 40 years, I have enjoyed driving life’s precious cargo, our children, to and from school. My hobbies include collecting old local high school yearbooks prior to the consolidation of the smaller schools in the county, and sifting through the volumes of old newspaper books I have amassed. I am an avid local history buff and will be going on the local high school TV channel regarding the area’s history of past movie theaters. I have been a participant in fund raising events such as, The Brain Games, for the local Historical Society and the Noon Lion’s spaghetti dinners. I love trivia and the old black and white television shows from the 50’s and 60’s. I cherish the times I spend with my wife, children, grandchildren, sister, aunts, and cousins as family is very important to me. I go daily to the local gym to work out as I know that this will keep me healthy longer. I recently passed with flying colors all tests to see if I am a healthy candidate to go on the transplant list. At my age and blood type (O+) there is at least a 4 year wait to receive a kidney and the longer I wait the more my health will decline. It will be more beneficial to me to receive a kidney from a living donor as it lasts about twice as long as one from a deceased donor and will be a better match. In order for someone to donate they have to be in good health, no uncontrolled hypertension, diabetes, cancer, etc. You do not have to be type O+ to donate, as University Hospital in Indianapolis, Indiana has paired donation. To share my journey and to contact me, go to my Facebook page: Bob’s Kidney Kampaign and share the link on your page. To inquire about donation call IU Health, University Hospital, Living Donor Coordinators Kelly Coffey, or Tracy Perry at: 317-944-4370 or 800-382-4602 and tell them you would like to donate your kidney. Won’t you consider donating to save a life? Please share this with all your friends, family, and neighbors.      Thank you for taking the time to read this may God Bless.                                                                                  Bob                                                                 


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