Randy is 19 yrs old. He can accept type B or O. Shands Transplant Center @ UF. 3522650254He has been on dialysis since April 2013. His first transplant was in 2005.
The story of Randy Owens, A 19 year old young man, whom resides in the city of Ocala, Fl. He graduated from Vanguard High school.  Although he has tried his hardest to live a normal life, like the rest of his cousins, friends, and family, he simply cannot.  When Randy was 7 years young, he was diagnosed with FSGS .  In 2004, things took a turn for the worst and at that time, dialysis began. … At the age of 10, Randy was on Hemo and Parateniel dialysis up until his first transplant from his mother. Unfortunately, that kidney failed within the first 5 minutes, due to clotting. Randy then went 1 year without any kidneys at all.  He lived off of the dialysis machines, playing the role as kidneys. Within that year Randy had 2 random strokes, 7 seizures, which resulted in the loss of his vision and was also paralyzed. But as the fighter that we have all come to adore, he chose to not give up. After one long week later, his sight and body movement finally returned.. 11 months later on December 7th, 2005 he received a kidney from a cadaver. It took one full month for the kidney to fully kick in and start to work properly. This kidney lasted nearly 8 years. On December 29th, 2011 his kidney started to fail, again. He lost all his body weight and tipped the scales at 155lbs. and although that sounds healthy, he lost his weight.  At 6 foot tall he weighed in at 195 pounds. He then was put on plasma freesias mixed with Bortezamib . He was the first patient at University of Shands to have this treatment.  Even at the risk at hand all he wanted was to get better, and that treatment helped his kidney last up until January of 2013. Randy began getting very weak, dizzy, nauseous, and more severe like flu symptoms. Randy has some good days, but mostly bad. Days in which his whole body aches, including his teeth, toes, feet, head, and ears hurt. The real question to ask him was what didn’t hurt? Randy is now on Hemo dialysis. Randy’s blood type is B+ but O and B works as well. We’re not asking for someone to give their life, we’re just asking for someone to help save one. He is a fun out going teenager, looking to live a normal life like any other teenager.   Randy wants to start school  and go to work. He likes playing guitar, singing and hanging with friends. He enjoys jet skiing, water sports and wants to learn to scuba dive.

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