In need of a transplant
Are you an A+ or O+ Blood TYPE???????
A transplant is Kenny’s best option for survival and having a good quality of life. His Kidney disease has progressed and has officially been referred for a Kidney transplant after his kidney function dropped below 20%. However, the wait for a deceased-donor kidney is longer than he may have. As a single father of two, Kenny’s situation threatens his entire family. So, we now turn to his friends, family and community: Will you step forward and give Kenny the gift of life?
This page is dedicated to finding Kenny a donor. There is no cost to you to take the test. There will be more info to follow on where you can take a test to see if you are a match. Please post your love, thoughts and prayers and share on your wall as well to get the word out. We need a donor NOW. Even if you DON’T know Kenny please share this information. Thank you.
Got the letter today I am officially on the national kidney list for  a donor. Also UCSF called me today and told me that someone signed up to be my donor filled out the information but somehow they did not get the persons name They can fill it out again at or call Don at UCSF telephone #(415) 3534642

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