Kidney donor search and fundraising page.  Our fundraising will include events to help fund our donor with expenses not covered by our insurance such as transportation, hotel etc. during the transplant process.

Donating one’s kidney to someone in need of a transplant is an important decision and a unique gift. Kidney transplantation enables a patient suffering from kidney disease to stop dialysis treatments, and enjoy a life filled with more freedom, energy and productivity.  This page is set up for our kidney donor to assist with funds that may accrue during down time through the donation.  Travel, Hotel, Wages . After care as well as any Medical not covered by our insurance.

My husband developed Type II Diabetes in his early thirties. He started out with medication and then on to insulin. Manny was diagnosed with renal failure about five years ago. His number were low but doctors were able to raise them a bit. Two years later we were in surgery inserting a peritoneal catheter in Manny’s lower abdomen. Manny now does xchanges 4 to 5 times daily. We’ve had several screeners and inquiries about how to get tested but yet to find a match. Manny is O+ and so am I, however I was unable to test any further do to medical issue myself. I had to figure a way to get our story out. I began with a Facebook page posting bits of information on donation as well as fund raising for our donor. Manny and I would like to pay for extra expenses our insurance will not cover such as Air Fare (transportation), Hotel, etc. We have had a yard sale with many donated items from co-workers which was a success. Upcoming event we have planned a family car wash. All proceeds to go to the donor fund along with other event in the future.

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