Jack Cox is a wonderful person. He is currently on dialysis here in Richmond, Indiana and is looking for a kidney donor.Jack’s blood type is O+ so if you are interested PLEASE contact us! Thank You!
He was a volunteer fireman for 23 years and is now a honorable member. He is a amazing papaw to Keiten that is 5 and Ava that is 3! He loves to go camping, this is when he feels relaxed being with his family! He is an avid Centerville High School sports fan. He loves Friday nights going to basketball and football games. He works full time at Wayne County Highway dept where he has been there for ma…ny years now. He started dialysis in Sept of 2009 when we surprisingly learned he was in stage 5 renal failure and also needing open heart surgery. He recovered great from the open heart surgery but is still struggling with the dialysis. He goes into dialysis at 8:30 at night and gets out at 3:30-4 am then heads to work at 6:30 to work his 8 hour shift! He would love to be able to spend more time with his Grandkids playing and also working on cars but as most people don’t know dialysis takes so much out of him its hard for him to do that
All it takes to find out is a simple blood test. There will be no medical costs to the donor. If you are interested in learning more, feel free to call 1-800-382-4602 (IU Health Transplant in Indianapolis). Do me one more small favor. Even if you are not interested in learning more, PLEASE SHARE THIS FAN PAGE to get the word out to more people. Thank you.

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