#Dialysis and Support

Gotta read this from Devon Texas



My center allows patients to have visitors (some centers don’t) but they must wear paper gowns to cover their street clothes while they visit with the patient.  Sometimes it’s a short visit but there are also visitors who stay the entire 3 or 4 hours with the patient.  They watch TV or sit and talk with the patient for most of the time.   In a center in Ohio, a party of regular, full-time visitors has formed a group of their own.  Rather than sit in the treatment area, they hang out in the waiting room and they make the best of their time together by becoming a little family of their own.

What’s really noteworthy about this gathering is how it is also a support group.  While they enjoy each other’s company in a social context,  they discuss their problems and share solutions to those problems.  I’m pleased the…

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