In search of a Kidney Donor for Nick Crouse.
Nick is a 22 year old small engine mechanic who enjoys fixing things. His hobbies include going dirt bike riding and playing video games. He’s a beloved son, grandson, brother, nephew, uncle and friend. On November 14th 2012, Nick was diagnosed with End Stage Renal Failure at Abington Memorial Hospital Trauma Center. He was given emergency Dialysis, Plasmapheresis and received several pints of blood. His week stay in the hospital was the starting point to a new and very difficult lifestyle for him as well as his loved ones. Since then Nick has endured multiple surgeries and is in need of a Kidney Transplant. He has chose Penn Medicine Transplant Center to be where he will undergo  his transplant. More information will be included to inform potential donors as well as to lead them in the right direction to be a kidney donor to Nick. Nicks blood type is O positive which means he’s compatible with O positive and O negative blood types. There are further tests to be completed to ensure the potential donor is a complete match. Please share this page with everyone you know because if not you someone you know could be the miracle Nick needs. Thank you!
Website to Penn Medicines Kidney Transplants
To become a Donor – Follow these steps
1.Go to Website above 2. Click on Transplant Process 3.Right underneath click on Evaluations 4. Choose the last printable File “Kidney Living Donor Referral Form” 5.Fill out and Contact Via Message to arrange a convenient Pick up or Drop off or simply mail it to Penn’s Transplant Center; address given on the Form. Thank you. 
Email: or Message Facebook Page!

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