Theresa (Harroun) Gliha, blood type A, lives in Michigan

I am a 58 year old wife, mother and grandmother living in the southeast Michigan area. I was diagnosed with CKD (Interstitial Nephritis) in January 2012, most likely due to NSAID toxicity. I had been on a daily dose of a prescription NSAID (meloxicam) for my degenerative disk disease for about 7 years. My kidney functionality had been steadily declining over those years but my physician never noti…ced or did not make me aware of it until I was in Stage 5, with a GFR of 11. By the time I was referred to a nephrologist it was too late. Irreparable damage had already been done, my only options were a life on dialysis or a kidney transplant. Please don’t let this happen to you. Ask for copies of all your tests whenever blood or urine is taken. Make your Dr. explain the results to you. If my kidney disease would have been caught when I was in Stage 3, we may have been able to reverse some of the damage. I will have to start dialysis soon, but I will continue to search for a kidney donor. My kidney donor would need to be blood type A or O. My daughter was tested and was a match for me, but she was disqualified due to blood pressure problems. 4 other potential donors have been tested to no avail. I am praying for a miracle now. If you or anyone you know might be able to help, please contact me via this site or call the University of Michigan Transplant Center at 734.763.4228.

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