#Dialysis and the Access


07/05/13:  Reposted of the original 6/30/13 posting

I’ve accumulated some information over the past several months about Dialysis and the Access; the A/V Fistula, the A/V Graft, and the Dialysis Catheter.  (This was originally published on 6/30/13 and I’ll leave it up for a few days. )

Dialysis Access Information

I searched for a good reference site about each dialysis access option and found… not much.  Many attempt to explain the access from a medical point of view.  That’s unnecessary.   So, here they are and some quick information about each:

1 – The AV Fistula.  This is the result of joining an artery and vein together surgically to provide a place to stick the dialysis needles.  It’s the preferred method but it requires that the access “matures” and that takes anywhere from 3 to 6 months.

2 – The A/V Graft.  Similar to the Fistula in that it…

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