in 2008 a year after my brother passed away from Renal Cancer i was diagnosed with Renal Failure. it is now 2013 and i’m in the process of getting on the donors list We are having a fundraiser to help get to appointments, donor after care & health care.
General Information
i was diagnosed with kidney failure at the age of 23. i was having stomach pain and was rushed to the ER, where i was told my kidneys were failing, with a lot of test from my kidney specialist the reason for my kidney failure is still unknown. i have alot of up coming appointments to UCLA in which i need help to get to. i really need to get to the bottom of whats causing my kidneys to not functio…n. i havent started dialysis yet. but i do have the Fistula in my wrist. im a wife and a mother of 3 beautiful kids they are my world. i fight everyday just to have the strength to play or even get out of bed. i made this page for help with my expenses for my trips to UCLA i thank you very much and appreciate all your donations.

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