Tonda is in need of a kidney transplant. She is currently on hemodialysis 3 days a week, 4 hours each day. She has been on dialysis almost 6 years. Tonda’s blood type is O+, and she is working with IU Medical center in Indianapolis IN.

Tonda is an amazing wife, daughter, sister, and friend. She is in need of a kidney transplant . This is her second round of hemodialysis and is currently on the transplant waiting list at IU medical center in Indianapolis Indiana. She is an O+ blood type. Tonda began her battle at the young age of 9 when she was diagnosed with diabetes. She was insulin dependent at that time. She has been through… many struggles in life and yet is the most positive, loving and generous person I know. She is a follower of Christ and lives her life for the Lord. There is not a day that goes by that she is not thinking or doing for others and putting herself on the back burner. She is the backbone of our family and an inspiration to all. Here is a little history of her past 12 or so yrs: Tonda began kidney failure at he age of 27 or so and was given strict diet and fluid restriction orders to follow in order to prolong her need for dialysis. After a fee years of strict restrictions she inevitability ended up in complete renal failure. She had to start dialysis treatment if she wanted to survive. She began dialysis and was placed on the transplant list. By the grace of God, just 3 months into her journey she received a phone call from her transplant coordinator that a man passed away, and his family wanted to donate his organs. She was a perfect match not just for a kidney but a pancreas as well. We felt so very blessed by the news. Tonda underwent a very long surgery in order to receive the blessed donation. She not only was able to stop dialysis but was also able to stop taking insulin injections for the first time in 20+ years! What a blessing! The new organs that she received were such a great match for her that even the doctors were amazed! She recovered well from the surgery and was in hope that now she may be able to start a family. She had dreams for years of being a mother and was unable to fulfill that dream due to her complications of diabetes, and constant declining health. She knew one day God would help her fulfill those dreams… She was never able to conceive children of her own, but was able to become a great Step-mom and wonderful Grandma in which she is very grateful for. Just five short years after her transplant, she was once again given the bad news that her new kidney was failing. Her battle was beginning again. She was placed on dialysis for a second time however her original graft that was placed just 5 years earlier was bad and not able to be used. She had to undergo yet another graft placement. She has been battling dialysis again for almost 6 years and is currently on the waiting list again. She has also been very blessed with a best friend whom has had all necessary testing and blood work done so that she can donate her kidney to a someone in need, in return for a kidney for Tonda. (Her best friend is not a match for her) Tonda’s health has been declining rapidly over the past few years and at 39 years young, she still has so much life ahead of her. Her friends, and family would love to help anyway we can, so we are asking that you share her story as well as find a kidney central page to raise awareness on the overwhelming need for organ donation. God bless each and everyone of you.

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