Bill needs a kidney…A live donor is his best option..Please consider our plea . Please share and like this page…..we know someone is out there… We just need our loved ones help to spread the message and consider donation.
My husband my life. The page is for him. We met over 4 years ago and married this past April. He is the strongest person I know. He has overcome obstacles in his life that some people couldnt even talk about. Now he is in the fight for his life he has no control over. We are still in the process (long process), of being accepted   to the transplant program. But finding a living donor during this pr…ocess is his best option. Some testing is all it takes to be   accepted as a donor. The surgery is very simple. All covered by recipients insurance. But we are not begging for a kidney. Just putting it out there. If youre not a match for him, you can be a match for someone else. Just think if it was your loved one. What would you do? If you have any questions please feel free to contact me or Bill.   Thank you for your support!!

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