Sandra Lynne Young is coping with kidney failure. This page is to alert others to her need for a kidney transplant and to connect you to info on kidney disease and organ donation. Any potential donors willing to be tested should click the Message button.

A dear lifelong friend, Sandra Lynne Young (aka Lynne Young II) of Zion, IL, has been through quite an ordeal in the past few years due to kidney failure. She endured a grueling period of dialysis which actually nearly cost her her life in the Fall of 2011 due to the formation of several blood clots.  Miraculously she recovered after several surgeries and actually was able to enjoy a reprieve from… dialysis when it appeared her kidneys were again functioning on their own.  However the kidney problems have returned and doctors want to put her back on dialysis and are reactivating her on the donor waiting list.  She dreads the idea of going through dialysis again and the waiting list for a kidney is very long.  Sandra wants to live and enjoy her family.  So this page is to share her story and appeal to any who would consider becoming a kidney donor for Lynne.
Even if you are not a potential donor, please feel free to like and/or share this page as this will drive exposure and awareness. Please leave a message if you might be willing to help Lynne.
This page will be revised and updated a little later. I’m sorry for the incomplete nature of this page at the moment.
Thank you for your time and concern.
Praying for good health for all.
Sandra had to be hospitalized again on Saturday, December 29th and has learned that she must resume dialysis 3 times a week until she receives a new kidney. Poor thing brought in the new year in pain and in the hospital.
Anyone who might be interested in becoming a potential donor for Lynne, please contact Stephanie Albano, Living Donor Coordinator, Froedtert Hospital Milwaukee @ 1-414-805-0310. She will be more than happy to do an ‘over the phone’ assessment with you. You can also contact her if you would like more information regarding donor processing or any other questions you may have. If she is not available please don’t hesitate to leave a message. She will contact you as soon as possible.  Please know that any and all information given is completely confidential.

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