Help find a living kidney donor for our friend Michael. This is the direct line to the transplant coordinator if you can help. 720-848-0855. 
This page was created to help share Michael’s story . We’re hoping that the more people know about live donation the better the chance of finding a donor for Michael.  If you are wanting to donate directly to Mike or do a Paired donation, this is the contact you must make. And please be persistant. If you dont get a return call right away, please call again: Thank you from Michael and friends. Pl…ease call the kidney translpant coordinator at University of Colorado Hospital
Telephone: 720-848-0855
Blood type B or O, or you can be a Paired Donor with any blood type.
Prior to donation any potential living donor will need to be up to date on age appropriate health maintenance (colonoscopy, Pap, Mammo etc.) People that are interested- have them call to donor team- the donor coordinator will then do a quick questionnaire over the phone and will also explain the process again. Step 1: fill out a donor screening form Step 2: send back Donor screening form- Nurse to review it Step 3: first round of testing (height, weight , and blood pressure checked by provider, 24 hour collection- this checks kidney function. (again this can be done out of state)à if normal will proceed to step 4 Step 4: Full work up including, social worker phone call or visit (again this can be done out of state) Step 5: Once coordinator receives the tests- potential donor will presented to our team Step 6: if approved by our team- schedule surgery Step 7: Pre-op (out of town donors will meet with the team, including surgeon and possibly psychology) Step 8: surgery

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