Hello. My name is Lucy. I am 34 years old, and I desperately need a kidney. The first question people ask is why am I in renal failure at such a young age. No, I’m not diabetic nor did I do anything to harm my kidneys. I was born with an auto-immune disease called IgA Nephropathy that destroyed my kidneys. I do periotoneal dialysis every night for nine hours with a machine. Sadly, the machine weak…ens my heart a little more every night. If it gets too weak, then I’m not as good as a candidate for a kidney transplant.
What I desperately need is a kidney. I don’t have any family donors. I’m an only child, and much of family is much older and not in good enough health for the transplant. I also have type O blood, which is making it harder to find a donor. I feel horrible for searching in a way, like I’m begging for organs, but I really just want  a life beyond this dialysis machine. I want to go back to teaching. I want to travel. I just want a life.
Thanks for reading and have a lovely day.

Hello Ms. Stacy,
I am emailing you because I received an email from the UK Hospital stating that you were interested in checking up on your transplant status on the kidney transplant waitlist.  You currently have 445 days on the waitlist and you are listed active.  The average wait time that blood type O recipients tend to wait is between  730 – 915 days on the kidney transplant waitlist.  I hope this helps with your question, and please call me at (859) 323-1152 for any questions or concerns.  Hope you are doing well and hope to call you in soon for that kidney transplant.

Isaac Payne  RN, CCTC
Kidney/Pancreas Transplant Coordinator
University of Kentucky Transplant Center



  1. Maribel jimenez

    Hello my name is maribel with a 15 year old daughter i have kidney diseases this sickness change my hoe life im not the same any more im an o negative n my family have not check them selfs but god dont like ugly i still have n show my daughter im here so please if u can donate me a kidney i will appreciate it i wll of done it for my family please read this n try to call me 917 455 68334


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