After 9 years of being sick with a kidney and pancreas transplant, Ken is in dire need of another kidney transplant.  He is generous with his gift of dentistry (helping patients in need all of the time) and now it’s time for him to receive the help…
We are trying to find a kidney match live donor for Kenny.  He was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes at age 3.  Almost 12 years ago he had to start dialysis and 9 years ago he had to have a kidney and pancreas transplant.  That kidney has failed without a reason and Kenny has now started back on dialysis.  His blood type is A + and his transplant team is at Ohio State Medical Center in Columbus Ohio….  We will be posting transplant information, along with other kidney information on our page.  We will also be having an on-going fundraiser for Kenny to help him through this difficult time.  He has a dental practice and finds it difficult to go into work due to health complications.  Please send us your comments or questions and we will get back to you.  Thank you

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