Call 617.525.6866 (Brigham and Women’s Hospital, Boston MA) and say you’d like to test for Bill Dobbyn. Compatible Blood types: B or O
My father has Polycystic Kidney Disease and is in need of a LIVE kidney donor. Friends and family have tested, but we have been unable to find a match. I am the best match for my father, but because I have the potential of developing the disease someday, I am unable to donate at this time.
My father is a Christian man of real integrity and loyalty. He is a father, husband and grandfather devoted… to his family. He is probably the only plumber in the world who charges fairly and shows up on time.
If it were me that needed the kidney, I wouldn’t have to put up a Facebook page to get one. He would have given me his a long time ago. I saw that another woman on the news found a donor and am praying that he finds one too.
We know that God has a special plan for his life. If you are interested in learning more about Bill, call and talk to him 617.913.6539. If you are interested in talking anonymously to the BWH transplant team, call them at 617.525.6886.




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