Hello, my name is Jackie, and I need another kidney transplant. I am current doing Peritoneal Dialysis treatments at home to sustain my life.


I am a 40 yr old single female who has been suffering with kidney disease the majority of my life. I was initially diagnosed with Membranous Glomuro Neprhitis at the age of 12, and received my first kidney transplant 9 months later at the age of 13. Because of this disease,  I’ve never been able to have any  children. I got my first Cadaver kidney transplant on Nov. 11, 1986. That kidney only last…ed a year, from Nov. 86’-Nov. 87’, and I had to go back on Dialysis.I spent the next 14 yrs of my life surviving on Dialysis. I received my next Cadaver kidney transplant on Dec. 25, 2001. That kidney was a very good match for me and lasted 12 yrs. In July of 2013, I began Peritoneal Dialysis treatments at home. I have to do 4 treatments a day, with 4-6 hours in between 7 days a week. The Peritoneal Dialysis only cleanse 10-15% of what a real kidney would  do. I have gone through all the Pre-transplant testing required to receive another kidney back in 2012. I’m still waiting to be placed on the transplant list. I must come up with a financial plan to stay in Houston, Texas for 4 weeks, along with my major support person. So I have to raise $3000-$6000 to cover various expenses such as Lodging, Food, Transportation, Medicine and also be able to take care of my bills at home. I have created a fundraising page through If you would like to be tested to see if you are a match for me, please contact The Methodist J.C. Walter Referral Line @ 1(713) 441-8900.



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