Hi, my name is Trisha and I am wishing for a kidney, my blood type is O and I live in Amherst, NY
I am in search of a kidney….Hello and welcome to our page ! My name is Trisha, I am 48, married and have three children Ashlee who is 23, Tyler who is 19 and Joe who is 17. I live in Amherst, NY which is about 15 minutes from Canada. I also have my 3 babies, my dogs, Daisy, Mollie and Cricket who are all Shih Tzus.I am surrounded by lots of support & love from my mom and sister and brother. My d…ad died last year and we became involved in UNYTS and through my dad’s donation we passed on the gift of life to 7 people. My kidney’s started to fail in 1997 with the pregnancy of our last child, I developed HELLP Syndrome which you can read about here I spent about 6 months on dialysis and was blessed to have my kidneys rebound. Fast forward to 2011 and I got a cold, my boss wanting to be sure I wasn’t passing anything on asked me to be checked at my doctor, to our shock, the results showed my kidneys were already in stage 4 renal failure.With the help of my Nephrologist we were able to hold off kidney dialysis for 3 years. I started kidney dialysis on August 16,2013, and I go 3 times a week for 3 hours. I am in the process of being listed at 3 hospitals ‘s  ECMC in Buffalo, NY, The Cleveland Center in Ohio, and Allegheny General Hospital in Pennsylvania , to learn more on how to become a kidney donor for anyone this link will help you decide, as it is a personal decision Thank you for visiting our page, if you would like to ask us anything you can email us at and as soon as my transplant team is in place we will have the information posted !!


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