I have Polycystic liver and kidney disease.  I had a liver transplant in 2008.  Now my kidneys are failing, and I am in end-stage renal failure.
My name is Robyn Cohen and I have Polycystic liver and Kidney disease. In July 2008 I had a successful liver transplant.  But, now my kidney function has gone down dramatically and I am in end stage renal disease and am in desperate need of a kidney…  I have been on dialysis since February 2013 when my kidney function fell to 9%.  No one in my family can offer me their kidney as they have th…e disease, too.   I watched my mother suffer and die from the same disease 18 years ago… and, tragically, one year ago my precious brother Mark died from it also after suffering terribly for many years, as well.  I know for sure I can’t wait much longer for a kidney.  I’m hoping that there is someone, anyone, out there that is willing to offer me the precious gift of becoming my donor, and saving my life.  I know it’s a huge request, and I’m not comfortable asking but as I said before I’m desperate. My blood type is A+, however I am also compatible with O blood type as well. If you would like more information you may also call the Living Donor Line which is located in the transplant center at  UCLA in Los Angeles, California (866) 672-5333 or my transplant coordinator Prest Oshodi at (310) 267-6902.
My life is very full with love and responsibility as I am raising two beautiful grandsons who are 13 and 14 years old.  They are the light of my life and give me great joy and purpose.  I need to be here and be healthy for them most of all. If you are reading this, and God lays it on your heart to respond, know that you will not only be helping me but helping me show the rest of my family how to live victoriously through this horrible disease.
Please contact me at

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