1 Kidney. 2 Lives. Priceless Results.

1 Kidney. 2 Lives. Priceless Results. Posted on September 12, 2013 by The National Kidney Foundation By Brandon MayberryIn March of 2011, at the age of 33, I officially became a living kidney donor. Not that anyone ever anticipates donating a kidney, but in my case, I certainly would have never guessed that I’d be donating it to my partner’s mother, Riki. Riki and I were perfect matches kidney-wise, in fact, as blood type and tissues are concerned, only one in 1.3 million people would be as close of a match. However, our backgrounds could not have been more different; Riki, being of Jewish heritage, living in Israel, and me from Ohio, being an old-school American, with a family lineage pre-dating the Revolutionary War with no known Jewish ties. Call it a small world, call it fate, but part of me truly believes something or someone larger than both of us brought Riki and I together.Deciding to donate a kidney is not an easy decision. I would encourage anyone considering the option to give it proper thought and consideration. This is something that cannot be undone so you need to prepare for the worst and hope for the best. For me, I knew my kidney would not only give Riki the energy and vitality that dialysis had taken from her; it would also allow her to continue to travel, which she loves, an

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