On a Restricted Diet? Dine out with Confidence!

On a Restricted Diet? Dine out with Confidence! Posted on January 13, 2014 by The National Kidney Foundation Other than eating without flavor, the biggest fear associated with a low-sodium diet is eating at home, alone. And most people think that eating out (and eating well) is completely out of the question. But think again. Because going to out to brunch, lunch, or dinner is totally possible. Totally satisfying. And totally doesn’t require opening up your own restaurant.There are a few really simple steps you can take that make eating beyond the kitchen effortless and tasty.Get Over ItThere are two things that stand in your way of a meal out: fear and embarrassment. So let’s talk about it. First, it’s totally normal to feel nervous about trusting someone else with your food. It is not just your hunger in their hands, but your safety and health. But by taking the reigns with the tips below, you will learn how to work with the kitchen and dine successfully.Secondly, though, is the feeling of being a nuisance to the chef and wait staff. But seriously, get over it. And think of all the picky eaters out there who have no problem asking for what they want, rather than what they need. So don’t be ashamed. Own your diet. And your body and belly will thank you.Cook Before You Eat

via On a Restricted Diet? Dine out with Confidence!.


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