Will you help me? My blood type is B+ and I am listed at Albany Medical Center Transplant Center.

Dear Donor:


 I cared for so many people over the years as a nurse and now it is time for me to tend to my illness which is chronic kidney disease (CKD). All the encouraging words I uttered to others as they tried to get well, I am whispering to myself like, “you will be fine in time;” “don’t worry, everything is going to be okay” and “stay strong.” As much as words can improve the condition of the mind to create an environment where healing can flourish, it is equally important to get the treatments right. My treatments are dialysis. They are given several times per week for several hours each time. They are wearing me down and I am honestly concerned that if I have to do this much longer it will wear me out. The problem is that when you experience kidney failure nothing can be done to rejuvenate its function, therefore all you have to hope for is that you will be granted a transplant. I’ve been hoping and praying that I will get the call saying a donor has been found, but it has been years and no call has come to me. Part of the problem is that I am just a number on a list, a mere name who lingers there month after month. Nobody there knows that I have two of the most wonderful sons in the world who need me still or that I am a 54 year old former nurse. If I could practice nursing right now, I would. In a heartbeat I would go back to the way life was for me before CKD came crashing into my world. They don’t know that I suffered with hypertension, preeclampsia and glomera nephritis when I was pregnant and that is how my kidneys were damaged. To them I am one cell in a very large grid. That is why I have decided to take my chances and come to you directly through this page. I want to ask you personally to be my donor. Please take a moment of your time to leave me a message. I would LOVE to talk to you. I would LOVE to learn about you. I would LOVE to know that somebody out there sees me and knows that I have so much left to give.


 There are happier days ahead in this battle because people are now waking up to the fact that the medical and scientific evidence is resoundingly clear when it states that human beings can live their full lifespans with only one healthy kidney. That bit of information has been a big motivator of thousands of people who have become living donors. These people stepped up and saved the lives of people they loved and in some cases of people they had never met rather than see them die. I am searching for my living donor. I am dying to meet him/her – LITERALLY, dying to meet him/her. I need that special donor to help me restore my health and receive true healing from CKD. Will you help me?


 My blood type is B+ and I am listed at Albany Medical Center Transplant Center.


 Very Kindly Yours,





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