I am taking it day by day trying to stay alive until that day comes when the two of us meet. Hopefully, that day will be soon.My blood type is O+.


Dear Donor:


 I am taking it day by day trying to stay alive until that day comes when the two of us meet. Hopefully that day will be soon because I am literally in the fight of my life as I wrestle against chronic kidney disease (CKD) which has now progressed to kidney failure. Three days a week I go to dialysis, but I have to deal with the consequences of the treatment for seven days a week. At this stage there are no other choices, it’s either I take dialysis treatments or I receive a transplant. As a man who fixes things, I admit that this is a problem which I have not been able to fix. I worry about my wife to whom I’ve been married for 35 years. She is a good wife and I love her. She is also an exceptional person who donated a kidney and saved the life of someone else. She’s living healthy and we are both hoping that what she did for someone else will be done for me. I have been seeking a donor for four years. This is why I have decided to set up this page. I wanted to share my story here hoping to connect with that special person who will save my life. My kidneys were removed due to the damage from polycystic kidney disease (PKD). It’s impossible for me to express how much I would appreciate your help. With your help my health will be restored and I can begin doing the things I used to do in my community like volunteering with Habitat for Humanity. Like I said previously, for over 25 years I’ve been in the carpentry industry; I fix things, but what I need most today is to be fixed myself. Will you help me? Please!


 There is a wonderful phenomenon happening in the kidney community called living donation. My wife is an example of what that means. She and thousands like her decided to accept the medical evidence showing that human beings can live their full life span with only one healthy kidney therefore making living donation an option. She saved someone’s life when she chose to donate her kidney. I cannot tell you how grateful I would be to receive a message from you here on my page. Please leave a message of encouragement and possibility. Leave a message saying “YES” you will be my donor. The medical procedure is safe. You can donate to me and live a healthy life span. This community has over 100,000 people on the transplant list. So many people are in need of help. The kind of help that can only come from some loving, courageous person who often times we do not even know. Yet, somehow the person shows up at the right time, and I want you to know that I am running out of time, so please come now.


 My blood type is O+ and I am listed at the University of Vermont Health Care Center in Burlington.




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