Giving Tuesday NKF 1212015

Today is Giving Tuesday. What can you give that will help others? Let me make a suggestion for you. Share someone’s Kidney Page on Facebook and Twitter. Why?

 • The National Kidney Foundation tells us that out of 73 Million Americans, 1 out of 3 of us are at risk for kidney disease;

 • 26 Million Americans have Chronic Kidney Disease;

 • 1 in 9 American adults are estimated to have chronic kidney disease (CKD), although most don’t know;

 • 630,905 of us have irreversible kidney failure, requiring dialysis or a transplant to survive;

 • 450,602 of us are currently on dialysis in the US;

 • 88,638 of die every year from kidney failure;

 • Although there are 101, 603 of us on the kidney waiting list, only 15,416 us were transplanted in 2014;

 • 12 Americans die every day waiting on that list for a kidney.

 For Giving Tuesday, you can help a kidney/dialysis patient for free! Pick out your favorite kidney page and share it with your friends. You never know whose life you could save by such a simple act!



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