Emmett is 2 and was born with Acute Renal Failure (Kidney failure). He is in need of a kidney transplant. We are looking for a kidney donor blood type O! So here’s the update everyone.. We just finished at sick kids with surgeon and specialist. The one kidney Emmett has is not growing still and his bladder and ureter are still dilated. So end of January Emmett will be having surgery to get a “mitrofanoff” which is a hole through his belly button that will need to be catheterize so many times a day. Also he might need a feeding tube so when he has transplant he’s able to keep up with the food /fluid intake he might need. So all in all we were hoping for no surgery, however if this surgery can give him a few months before needing a transplant.  Than that’s all that much longer for Emmett to get bigger and stronger for transplant.


Hi everyone I just wanted to update everyone on Emmett condition as a lot of you are asking.  As of right now Emmett is somewhat stable. We are going day by day and month by month watching his levels.


Emmett will most likely need surgery soon on his bladder to get it ready for the kidney transplant. We have started the steps for the transplant. Emmett has done his tests and we are now looking for a donor. Emmett is blood type O So he needs a donor with the same O type blood. it can be O positive or negative. I know some of you have expresses interests in being tested and helping if your able to.


To all of those amazing people who want to help or even try to see if there a match to help, please pm me as I have some information and steps you can take to start the process to see if you’re a match or even able to help.


Thank you so much to everyone for your prayers and support. We are so blessed to have such great support. We really appreciate it and hope we can continue to stay strong and get Emmett on a road to bring healthy and having a functioning kidney.



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