Dear Donor:


 I’m looking for you. Time is fleeting and I sometimes don’t know what to do. Years ago I was told that I had chronic kidney disease. Nothing since then has been easy. Nothing since then has been predictable in my life. I have gone from a working mother to a dialysis patient who has no energy left for work. Here I am 57 years old fighting and fighting to survive and raise my children and it’s excruciatingly painful when I think about my son waking up in the middle of the night to check on me because he saw me return from dialysis tired not feeling well. He gets up from his bed to come check on me when all I ever wanted was for him to peaceful rest and dream of his future like young people his age. I tell him, I’m okay, but he knows I’m not. This disease breaks you down. I have had to lean on my mom for help. She has been my rock. As I became less able to earn a living my mom took yet another job in order to help me and my children. She is The Best mother in the world. My mom does what needs to be done. I see the moves she makes. I agonize over how much pressure she is having to bare because of her love for us. Day after day I fight harder and harder. I am my mother’s daughter! There is no way I intend to just roll over without reaching deep within myself and fighting to stay alive. People in my condition often begin thinking about their regrets and remembering good times and to some degree I am doing that, but mostly, I’m dreaming about the future. There are so many things I want to be alive to see and do especially with my children and my mom. My community is important too and I want to make a positive impact on it. For this to happen I have to receive a kidney transplant. It’s something I’ve always known must be because once the kidney stops working it cannot be rejuvenated. My problem was that I didn’t know how to search for a donor until now. Here is my Find A Kidney Donor campaign which I hope will reach not just your eyeballs, but your heart because I need your help.


 Recently I was asked what I would say to my donor. Many thoughts poured into my mind from simple expressions of gratitude to deep expressions of eternal gratefulness. What ultimately emerged is that I would say that for as long as I live I will cherish the gift of life given to me; I will do my best to care for that gift; every day that I wake up their generosity will be on my mind and I will live a life worthy of it. If I could share one thing with my donor I would share the evidence which has emerged showing that human beings can live their full lifespan with one healthy kidney. It would show them that they can help me without losing their life. It is possible to be a life saver and I really need you now. Please help me.


 My blood type is B+ and I am listed at Northwestern Hospital in Illinois.


 Very Sincerely Yours,




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