Sitting with Senators

Great day!!!

Advocacy in Action

IMG_20160308_100610 G.W. Neal speaks with Sen. Murkowski

Transplant recipient G.W. Neal of Alaska met Sen. Lisa Murkowski as she running out the door, but G.W. had just enough time to pull her aside to speak about the Living Donor Protection Act.

“I received a kidney from a living donor, and I wouldn’t be here without it,” he said.

“I understand what you’re saying, that we need to take care of the donors too,” Sen. Murkowski said.

Sonya Cochran, of Oklahoma, spoke with Jennifer Bowman, a legislative assistant for Sen. James Inhofe.

IMG_20160308_122826 Sonya Cochran (left) prepares for her meeting.

“I had no clue I had kidney disease, I didn’t know what was happening,” Sonya said. “The doctor only mentioned my high blood pressure, I didn’t know it could lead to kidney disease. If it was detected early, I could have postponed dialysis. ”

Sonya was surprised to learn that Bowman had a great aunt…

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